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About Us

The Makers

Hi, we are a group of secondary grade students; we have formed a company named MMG International It is an effort to create a good education website for science education,focused on elementary, primary & secondary grade students.

This effort is result of ours & parents' frustration to find relevant educational stuff for us on the web .These days ,kids like us ,explore the web for to understand the subjects better, to improve upon our homework .Teachers too,ask us to use resources available on the net. It may sound an interesting idea ,but it is a big struggle for children as well as for their wards. We come across lots of material ,which is either too intimidating (too technical for us ) or too babyish .....he he.

So we thought of < putting all the stuff together for ourselves, videos for kids related to all school science units, which are taught on day-to-day basis by text-books. Our aim is to make kids' educational videos make the science to less complicated , which should be engaging for kids of our age and at the same time which can be helpful in home-work .

But to create a good educational website for science videos, we need lot of time, creativity & resources,so this site is always under construction as we keep producing new animation movies on day-to-day basis.Currently we are operating this website under guidance of experienced teachers as well as with the help of some senior professionals (who somehow happen to be our parents or relatives) .The material shared on this web- site is well researched & and is vetted for appropriateness for the subject-matter .No doubt , it is safe & accurate for children. We have tried to provide maximum school educational videos for kids so that they can see & learn maximum

Why Make Me Genius ?

Research suggests that we all learn in 3 different ways : Auditory (by listening) ,Visual (by watching) & Kinesthetic (by doing/experimenting) and the learning improves as soon as we move from Auditory to Kinesthetic.

Effort here is to provide Visual learning to children so that their learning can improve. We believe that “Seeing is Understanding” ,hence we are trying to make maximum no. of videos for kids on all kinds of school subjects .So Make Me Genius is a try to take education a step ahead from reading , watching.

So if you have school going kids .who want to learn Science, go yo animated Science videos section. Apart from that ,do visit Cool Facts ,to know various interesting facts about things around us & Educational Power-point section for free download of ppts on almost every primary-school subject( K12 LEVEL).So we have a lot of educational videos for kids & huge no. of free power-point presentations along with lots of relevant interesting facts keeping general knowledge requirements for kids, so as a parent or as a student ,you don't need to go any further.

Also ,these school videos can play an important tool for teachers as they can use these as resources for their classrooms.

Have a lot of learning with fun

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