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Digestive System Quiz Questions

What is Digestive System?

It is advisable to watch our Digestive system video first by clicking here Human Digestion System Video

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Do you know your digestion system starts working even before you eat. It starts working when you see a tasty food, smell it or even think about it, digestion. In your mouth Saliva or spit begins to form even before you take first bite.

When you take the bite, your teeth cut the food in small pieces, make it into a thin paste. The saliva helps in breaking down the chemicals present in the food a little, which makes the food watery paste which is easy to swallow.

Your tongue pushes the food to toward the back of your throat from where it enters into the opening of your Esophagus, 2nd stage of human digestion system. It is like a pipe which is about 10 inches (25 cms ) long. It carries food from your throat to your stomach.

Your stomach is like a sack in shape of letter J. It does 3 important works: a) storing the food b) to break it down into a liquid kind of mixture c) to empty this mixture into small intestine slowly –slowly.

The stomach is like a mixer, it further churns the small balls of food into more smaller pieces with the help of its muscles & gastric juices present within it..The gastric juices also kill the enemy bacteria present in the food.

From stomach, your food reaches the small intestine, which is 22 feet long. It is called small as its circumference is small (appx.3.5 to 5 centimetres). It breaks down the mixture even more to help your body to absorb all the proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and fats.

From small intestine, your food moves to large intestine. This is fatter than small intestine ( 7 to 10 centimeters) that is why it is called large intestine. But it is smaller in length, it about 5 feet long.Here balance water is absorbed from the food .As the water & other essential minerals have been absorbed ,so the rest of mixture now becomes waste & slowly it takes up a solid shape.

The large intestine pushes this waste (poop) to rectum. It stays there till you go to washroom. So when you go to toilet ,then you push this material out from anus.

If you want to attempt test or want to learn more watch our digestive system video by clicking here Digestive System Video