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Force Work Energy Quiz

For better understanding ,watch an animation video on Force, Work and Energy ,a beautiful explanation ,just click here Force, Work and Energy

Study Material, Definition, Meaning:

Force, Work and Energy- Explanation :

Definitions and Meanings:


Force means a push, pull or twist. The effort someone uses to try to make an object move is a force. There are many forces acting all around us all the time. The force of gravity is always pulling us down.

The force of the surface that we stand on is constantly pushing up on us just as hard as gravity is pulling us down. This tells us that the forces are equal and we stay where we are.

The SI unit for force is the newton(N).

Energy :

Energy is also defined as the ability to do work.

Everything you do and everything you use needs energy to make it work. Energy can make something happen. It can move something, such as a bus or it can heat something up.

The SI unit for force is Joule.


Work is the transfer of energy. In physics, work is said to be done on an object when we transfer energy to that object.

The word work refers to almost any kind of activity - physical or mental.

In physics, work is done only when a force produces motion. Work is said to be done when you walk to school, as does a hand when it lifts some load.

Force ,Work,Energy Relationship:

Force, energy and work have a relationship. Think about a form of transport such as a bus. Force is applied to a bus to make it move. The energy for the force comes from the fossil fuels (petrol/gasoline) that the engine needs to work. Work is being done because this force is moving the bus.