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Four Seasons Quiz

For better understanding ,watch an animation video on 4 Seasons ,a beautiful explanation ,just click here Four Seasons for Kindergarten

Study Material :

Seasons:- Explanation :

We don’t wear same clothes throughout the year because temperature keeps changing. Sometimes it is winter and sometimes it is summer. Many a times there is snowfall. We call these changing times as seasons. There are four important seasons in a year. Seasons happen due to two major reasons- the rotation of the Earth around its axis and the rotation of the Earth around the sun which gives us our year.Because the sun never changes,it is the movement of the Earth which creates changes in darkness and light and also in temperature.

Important points: •

Four Seasons:

We divide up the year into 4 seasons:Summer,Winter,Fall or Autumn,Spring. Each of these seasons lasts for 3 months with summer being the warmest season, winter being the coldest, and spring and fall lying in between.

Impact on the Earth:

The seasons have a lot of impact on what happens on the Earth. In the spring, animals are born and plants come back to life. In spring,< you can find lots of colorful flowers all around you.Summer is hot and is when usually there are vacations in the school and sometimes you take vacations to the beach. We love to swim in summer, when it is hot and there are leaves on the trees. Often crops are harvested at the end of the summer.In autumn the leaves change colors and fall off the trees and school starts again. Winter is cold and it snows in many places. Some animals, like bears, hibernate in the winter while few of other animals, like birds, migrate to warmer climates.We tend to wear warm clothes to save our body from cold weather. We usually ski in the winter, when it's cold and when it snows.