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Needs of Living Things Activity

It is advisable to watch our video first on Basic Needs of Living Things by clicking here Basic Needs of Living Organisms

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What is a Need:- Definition :

It is something which is necessary for living organisms to live a life. From animals to plants, all live in different ways and in different places.But despite different places and different ways of living, all of these living organisms have five basic needs.

These are:

a) Air

b) Water

c) Food

d) Sunlight

e) Living Place

a) Air :

Air is a combination of different types of gases which are used by living organisms for different requirements. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide are two major components of the air. Plants use carbon dioxide to make food and oxygen. This oxygen is used by humans and other animals to breathe.

b) Water:

The amount may be different but all living beings need water to survive. For humans and animals ,water help in digestion and it fulfills several other needs of body.Plants take water to make food and to grow.Certain plants like algae remain submerged in water & their survival depends upon water availability.

c) Food:

All plants and animals require nutrient for survival and growth. Animals and humans eat various types of food to get carbohydrates, fats and other essential nutrients .Most of the plants make their own food by taking nutrients from soil and the surrounding environment.

d) Sunlight :

It fulfills different needs of all living organisms.Its energy warms the whole environment ,thus it acts as a heat source.Plants need to sunlight to make food and oxygen.Humans and animals are dependent on sunlight indirectly as they need food from plants.Humans also get Vitamin D from sunlight ,which gives strength to the bones.

e) Living Place:

Some plants need damp places while few grow in drier places.Living places which are appropriate for certain organisms are called habitats for those organisms.Every organism need space where they can get enough food ,air and water for survival.