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Nervous System Quiz Questions

Let's first watch Nervous system video by clicking here Nervous system Video

Nervous System :Definition ,Quiz ,Questions ,Test

Do you know how we understand something is hot or cold, something is sweet or bitter?

It is our nervous system ,which control all our senses like taste,touch,see,smell etc .Nervous system controls all the actions of our body.

Nervous system has two parts -Central Nervous System & Peripheral Nervous System. Central Nervous system is made of Brain & Spinal Cord .Peripheral nervous system consist of many nerves ,which are spread through body .

Let's first understand Brain,its parts & what they do .Our brain is most complicated organ of our body. It has 3 major part-Cerebellum,cerebrum & Brain Stem,which is also known as Medulla.

Cerebrum is the biggest part of the brain.It controls our senses,our imagination & our thoughts.So whatever we see ,touch ,taste ,smell ,think or imagine is controlled by Cerebrum.

2nd major part is cerebellum -It is known as little brain also.It controls our motion,balance or learning new thing. YOU can walk without falling because of Cerebellum.Also it helps to learn any new thing.

3rd major part is Medulla, it is also known as Brain stem.It does few things which are called involuntary actions.It controls our digestion,heartbeat,breathing.These things happen automatically in our body ,we don't have to put any effort here.

Peripheral Nervous system is made of many nerves ,which are present throughout the body.The Peripheral nervous system has two functions- Some Nerves receive information like when you taste something,these messages are carried to the brain by these nerves .The nerves which take the message from senses to brain are called sensory nerves.Other nerves carry message from brain to the body ,these are are called motor nerves. They carry instructions from brain to the body on what action to take Like if eat a bitter chilly, your brain will tell you about the bitterness ;which may lead to action of spitting.

Before attempting for the test, first watch Nervous system video by clicking here Nervous system Video