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Respiratory System Quiz

What is Respiratory System?

It is advisable to watch our respiratory system video first by clicking here Respiratory ,Breathing System Video

Respiratory system;Meaning,Quiz,Questions,Test

We all know that our body needs oxygen for survival. Oxygen is necessary to convert food into energy .At the same time, when our body uses oxygen, our cells produce other gas ,which is known a s carbon-dioxide. Too much of carbon-dioxide is very bad for human body. So it should be thrown out of the body. Do you know how our body does it ? Taking in oxygen & getting rid of carbon-dioxide? This work is done by respiratory system of our body.

The important parts of respiratory system are :Nose & Mouth , Trachea ,Lungs & Diaphragm.

Nose & Mouth: -

Air enters your body through nose or mouth. But it always good to inhale through nose as there are hair in nose which stop any dust particles to enter your body.

Trachea or Wind-pipe : -

From nose , air travels to wind-pipe .It is in the back of your throat & goes up-to your lungs.

Lungs: -

At the end of trachea, there are two big tubes. These are called the main bronchi. One goes left into the left lung and the other into the right lung. These bronchi have thousands of small branches called bronchi-oles. There are about 30,000 in each lung. So air travels through these tiny tubes & ends up in the 600 million alveoli. As these alveoli fill up with air you breathe in , the lungs get larger. These alveoli perform an important function .They only allow oxygen from the air to pass into your blood. Then this oxygen goes throughout in your body with help of blood. At the same time, blood brings in carbon-dioxide from the body towards the lungs with help of pumping of heart. Then lungs get filled up with carbon-dioxide, which is then exhaled out of the body. Some internal heat is also picked by this carbon-dioxide while coming to your lungs, that is why you can feel heat in the air coming out of your mouth.

Diaphragm: -

It is the largest muscle of your body. It is below your both the lungs. When you breathe in, it contracts to make space for your lungs to expand. Afterwards it expands to squeeze your lungs,so that air can be exhaled out. So this muscle plays an important role in whole breathing process.

It is advisable to watch our respiratory system video first by clicking here Respiratory ,Breathing System Video