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Simple Machines Quiz Activity

For better understanding ,watch an animation video on Simple Machines ,a beautiful explanation ,just click here Simple Machines for Kids

Study Material ,Definition,Meaning:

Simple When we think of machines we probably think of cars, fan,airplanes or anything which has a motor. However, not all machines need a motor to make them work. Do you know that sea-saw in the garden, bicycle, hammers and nails, scissors, door knob are also machines?

And these machines don't need any other kind power or motor to work besides a person!

Are they machines? Yes they are, because they help us to work. These machines are called Simple Machines.Complex machines are made up of combination of simple machines.

Simple machines help us to cut,split,lift,fasten,split,pull,go faster,change the direction and /or increase the force.

There are 6 types of Simple Machines:

Inclined Plane:

An inclined plane is a sloping surface ,like a ramp.It is used to lift heavy loads with little effort.

Examples of inclined plane are :Ramp,Ladder,Stairs


A lever is a simple machine that makes work easier for use; it involves moving a load around a pivot (called fulcrum) using a force

Examples of lever are :Scissors.pliers,tongs,bottle opener


The simple machine called wedge is an object with at least one slanting side ending in a sharp edge, which can cut the material apart. Or we can say that a wedge is a simple machine which is used to push two objects apart.

Examples of wedge are :Knife, Chisels


It is special kind of inclined plane.A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a pole which holds the things together or lifts materials.

Examples of Screw are :Nails


A pulley consists of a wheel with a groove around it. A rope can be passed through this groove. A pulley makes the work easy by changing the direction of the force applied.For example ,in earlier times, people used pulley to pull the bucketful of water from a well. Instead of pulling the load up they would pull the rope downwards and it is always easy to pull down than to pull up.

Examples of screw are :Cranes,flag poles, window blinds

Wheel and Axle:

It uses a wheel with a rod attached in the middle as an axle to help it to lift or move loads. In some cases this machine works like a lever to multiply force like in the doorknob.. In other cases, it is used to move objects easier such as with wheels on a bicycle. Bicycle is a clear example of wheels and axles.It is used to carry loads around easily,for long distances with very less effort.

Examples of Screw are :Bicycle,Doorknob