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Soil Types Quiz Questions

It is suggested that you first please watch our video on types of Soil & Soil Profile video by clicking here Types & Profile of Soil -Video for kids

Types of Soil :Definition,Quiz,Questions,Test

Do you know what is Lithosphere? It is the topmost layer of the earth which forms the crust of the Earth.

Soil is uppermost layer of Crust i.e .lithosphere. Plants need a medium on which they can grow .The medium on which plants grow is called soil. Soil has four important constituents -minerals,humus,water & air.

Soil has different layers.If all layers are shown in one section ,it is called soil profile.There are four layers in soil -Top soil,Sub-soil,Parent Rock, Bed Rock.

There are 3 important types of soil : Sandy Soils,Clay soil,Loamy soils.

Sandy soil: they contain more than 60% of sand. This soil has loose particles , which means water slips very fast in this kind of soil & it becomes dry very soon. Deserts have mostly this kind of soil.

Clay Soil: It contains 60% of clay. This kind of soil retains moisture & is becomes very sticky when it gets water. But it becomes very hard when it is dry .

Loamy Soil: This is a mixture of sandy & clay soil . It retains water & even possesses good amount of air. It is considered to be best for farming i.e. for agriculture.

If you want to attempt test or want to learn more, watch our video on Soil Types & Profile video by clicking here Types & Profile of Soil -Video for kids