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3 Rocks Types for kids

3 Rocks Types for kids
What are Rocks-Definition,meaning & Understanding-The whole earth is made up of rocks and minerals.Rocks are made of different kinds of minerals.There are three different types of rocks -Igneous,Sedimentary & Metamorphic types.Rocks are classified based on how they are formed.

Igneous rocks are formed when magma cools down .These are of two types extrusive and intrusive igneous rocks.Granite and Obsidian are two examples of igneous rocks.

Sedimentary rocks are formed when sand and pebbles become solid due to intense pressure over several years.Sandstone and Limestone are two examples of sedimentary rocks.

Metamorphic rocks are other form of above two types of rocks.When rocks come under intense pressure and heat, they change and they become metamorphic rocks.Slate and marble are few examples of metamorphic rocks.

Rocks are constantly being broken & formed .This is called Rock Cycle, it is like water cycle but it takes much longer time.Rocks keep transforming into each other.

Learn about this and more in this educative video.It is suitable for the kids of grade 5,grade 6,grade 4 ,ks3,ks4 & ks5.

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