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Life Cycle

Life Cycle
Life Chain ,Energy Pyramid Video for Kids - Butter Fly, Frog, Birds,Humans,Mosquitoes. Meaning of Life Cycle :It is the sequence of the transfer of food energy from one organism to another.A food chain begins with a producer, producers are eaten by primary consumers (called herbivores) which are eaten by secondary consumers (known as carnivores), some of which may in turn be eaten by tertiary consumers.The complex system of interrelated food chains in an environment is known as a food web. Suitable for :Year 6,year 7,year 8,year 9,year 10, year 10, year 11, grade 3,grade 4, grade 5,grade 6,grade 7,class 3,class 4,class 5,class 6,class 7,ks 3,ks 4,ks 5,ks 6,ks 7,

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