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Food Chains and Food webs for kids

Food Chains and Food webs for kids

All living things need food to have energy which help them to grow and move.A food chain tells how each living thing gets its food and how most of living beings are dependent on each other for their energy requirement.It is also called food web or energy pyramid.

A food chain always starts with a producer, which in most of the cases is a plant and it ends with a predator,it is at the top of the food chain. Consumers, scavengers,herbivores and decomposer form important constituents of a food chain.

The difference between a food chain and a food web lies in the complexity of certain food chain.A food chain follows a single path where one animal eats the other one whereas a food web shows interconnection among several animals.

In this video of food chains ,children can also learn about difference in food chains ,food webs and energy pyramids.

Video for kids of KS1,KS2,KS3,KS4,KS5,year 4,year 5,year 6,year 7,year 8,year 9,year 10,year 11

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