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Solar System Video for kids

Solar System Video for kids
Solar System Planets - Animation Video for kids - In this education video children can learn about Sun and its family of eight planets (Pluto,the earlier counted as ninth planet is no longer considered to be a planet because of its small size).In this short animated film,two small kids go into an imaginary journey of solar system, this animation clarifies the concept of the size of the planets.Hopefully children would get to understand the planet facts ,characteristic of the solar system well and would be able to answer all the quizzes and questions. It is suitable for students of KS1 ,KS2,KS3 and KS 4( CLASS 2ND ,3RD AND 4TH).Video suitable for ks1,ks2 KS3,KS4,KS5,KS6,year 4,year 5,year 6,year 7,year 8,year 9.

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