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Photosynthesis for kids

Photosynthesis for kids

Understanding Photosynthesis process for Kids. By the process of Photosynthesis , plants produce energy to grow and survive. They absorb sun (light energy), water & nutrients from soil and carbon dioxide from air . These are used make glucose/sugar, which works as the energy/food for the plants.In this chemical reaction,oxygen is also produced as byproduct by the plants which is used by living beings for respiration.

Different parts of the plants play different roles to complete the photosynthesis process.Roots absorb water and nutrients from the soil.Leaves help in getting air and sunlight from the atmosphere.Chlorophyll in the leaves also help in photosynthesis

Good for KS 2,3,4,5,6 and class 3,4,5,6,7. Online School Education, for kids. Video for kids of KS3,KS4,KS5,KS6,year 4,year 5,year 6,year 7,year 8,year 9,year 10,year 11

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