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The Nervous System for kids

The Nervous System for kids

Nervous system video for Kids-Definition and Meaning -The nervous system can be imagined as the highway along which our brain receives & transmits information about what happens in the body & around it.Consider that this highway is made up of billions of nerve cells (called neurons) which join together to make nerves.

It is like electrical wiring of human body.It is made of brain,spinal chord and neurons.It has two parts ,central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.The branch of science which studies and treats nervous system is known as neurology.The basic function of nervous system is to control voluntary and involuntary actions of human body.

A simple,short animated video on Human Nervous system for Kids & students up to grade 10th.

This video explains the functions and parts of the nervous system in an interesting and fun way.All the facts about the human nervous are very well explained in a simple and easy to understand manner.

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