The Story of Santa Claus


Have you seen Santa somewhere, can you help me find him?

O, there he is!

Its Christmas time and Santa is busy packing gifts for children.

But when is Christmas celebrated…was it 25th or 26th of December…..oooo I am so confused.

Did you just say, 25th December?

Yes, Christmas is celebrated every year on the 25th of December to mark the birth date of Lord Jesus Christ.

But where did Santa come from, what’s the Santa story?

I am sure you want to know that.

Long-time ago there lived a saint named Nicholas. He was a big man with a kind heart. Saint Nicholas is believed to be born in 280 AD in Myra, close to present-day Turkey. Saint Nicholas gave away his wealth to help the poor and needy.

One of the famous stories about Saint Nicholas says, he once saved three sisters from being sold for slavery by secretly dropping three bags of gold coins in their home through the Chimney. And lo, the bag landed in the socks kept for drying, close to the chimney.

That’s how the tradition of putting Christmas gifts in the socks hanging on Christmas trees started.

Saint Nicholas loved to surprise people by giving them gifts. Every Christmas, he would secretly drop gifts in the homes of kids who were well-mannered and helped others.

Saint Nicholas was also the saviour of sailors, who would pray to him every time they sailed across the ocean.

Once a group of sailors sailed in a ship across the ocean, when they were caught in a wild storm. The sailors were scared of the giant waves that rose off the ocean, and they started praying to Saint Nicholas. Soon after, the storm calmed down and the sailors safely reached their destination.

When Saint Nicholas died, people continued with the tradition of giving gifts during Christmas. Slowly and steadily the stories of his acts of generosity and the tradition of giving gifts during Christmas spread across the globe, and that’s how we got our modern-day Santa Claus.

Many believe that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole and rides on a sleigh pulled by reindeers, to keep gifts in the socks of Christmas trees for all the children who behave well and help others.

By the way, do you know the name of Santa Claus’s favourite reindeer, with a red shiny nose….Yes Rudolph

And the song….common sing with me, “Rudolph the red nose reindeer, had a very shiny nose”.

So, kids wait for your special gift from Santa and till then keep the cheer of Christmas alive by helping others, just like Santa does.


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