Why People Wear Glasses?

People wear glasses for several reasons but the simple answer is that glasses help people see better.

People who have "fuzzy" vision when they look at distant objects are called nearsighted or myopic. Myopia usually begins in childhood and progresses until the eye stops growing.

In these people, the image is focused in front of the retina.In ideal condition, the image should be focused on the retina. Nearsighted people have difficulty seeing far away.For example seeing highway signs when driving. They generally have no problems seeing up close for things like reading or sewing.


The lens of glasses required to correct vision in nearsighted people is concave.

People who need glasses for reading and who have "fuzzy" vision for objects close to them are called farsighted or hyperopic. Most children are born farsighted but some outgrow it as they eye naturally lengthens during development. In farsighted people, images are focused behind the retina.

The lens of glasses needed to correct vision in farsighted people is convex. Astigmatism is another reason that you might have to wear glasses.

In this video, kids can learn about the reasons and the solutions for all sight related problems.In this animation, kids can also get to know the structure of the eye , how lenses work and different type of lenses. The difference between concave and conclave type of lenses.

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